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Frequently asked questions

Are We Profiting From This?

It's All Volunteer.

What's the current goal?

Our Bring Aloha Home program aims to help and share local businesses that are currently operating across the State. As we work and share local business infomration to our local residents and local communities, we want to proide the convenience and exposure for all parties involved.

Why Should we use Bring Aloha Home?

To our Local Businesses, our aim is to provide a resource for all local residents to use to see which local businesses are operating currenlty and the specials, discounts, and offers that local residents are able to save with BRING ALOHA HOME to our LOCAL RESIDENTS. Our aim is to share all local businesses under our Bring Aloha Home program, one great way to support is to support local businesses, to help connect the local residents with local busineses. We are proud to work with over 260 local merchants, and it's still expanding as we speak. SAVE, SHOP & SUPPORT as local businesses offer specials, offers, and discounts.

How Can We Join?

Feel free to drop a line through our few channels. Instagram @madeinhawaiitv Email:

After Joining, Can we update our Information?

Yes, feel free to contact us with any updated changes through our contact channels.

What is the best way to reach for technical changes or errors?

We do apologize if any errors pop-up. Please drop a line at the following: EMAIL

Why are we passionate about Bring Aloha Home?

We all call Hawaii home, and we realize within all local businesses are an important part of the local community and visitors alike. Many of these businesses are our friends, relatives, supporters and our neighbors. Let us all work together for a brighter future in the State of Hawaii.

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