IS OFFICIALLY recognized by
Governor David Ige

Governor David Ige who speaks on behalf of Made In Hawaii Tv by welcoming you and your 'Ohana to our beautiful island in support of local businesses, tradition and culture. 

Let the meaning of "aloha" follow you back home.


what is about

made in Hawaii tv?

We are the local media production that connects between Japan and Hawaii.

This beautiful Islands, Hawaii has a great natures, restaurants, shops, people, communities, and histories. We believe that it would be our duties to inform the greatness of Hawaii and to spread out the aloha spirits all over the world throughout our media platforms. 



help vitalize

local small 



Give Back to Hawaiʻi


Perpetuate Hawaiʻi

Culture & TRADITION 

to the tourists

our services

media platforms

Made In Hawaii TV is broadcasted through our NGN Hotel Channel, NGN 1 Local Residential Channel, Hawaiian Airlines, Yahoo Japan, Social Media and Youtube channel allowing Made in Hawaii TV to be released through a wider audience.

production team

Our Made In Hawaii TV production team is guaranteed to go the extra mile to get the perfect results for our clients.

From Informercials, Documentaries, and Media Advertising in our Made In Hawaii TV series, we are on your side to help your business. 

customer service

We believe that the relationship with our clients is the most important aspect of what we do.

We have you covered from our bilingual team to best serve your needs. Japanese & English speakers.

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